"Sans âge, without age is a keyword when I am painting. I am interested in philosophical/religious/mystical and artistic manifestations in the history of human life. Even though I paint modern people I cannot resist "ageless" symbols as I believe that we are all an amalgam of previous history, from this life or previous lives... I do think that some of us carry fragments from other lives, not that we where a certain person but maybe we carry the essence from a certain role, within us. A few times in life when you meet certain people it feels very tangible. At least this is an explanation valid for me personally as I also have inexplicable inclinations towards certain civilizations, periods in history and art forms. That is something that I see as a gift from life. This is also a definition of the intuitive affinity that I feel with many painters in the past. This is not new. Artists through ages have inspired each other through space and time, like a never ending golden chain to continue the mission. Dead Masters continue to live through their followers and new artists can present their versions of how to discover the "Elixir and the Stone"or the magical formula. "Art is life seen through a temperament".

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