Eva has designed collections for jewellers as well as exclusive collections for her art shows. Between exhibitions she creates jewellery only on command.

"Talisman and magic powers are keywords when making jewellery. I create jewellery more as an prolongement to the paintings, so that if you buy a painting to hang on your wall you can always carry your precious jewel with you wherever you go! Jewellery and precious gems have always played an extremely important role in our history, they have a certain power that few other ornamental objects have. There is the power of the gems created by earth and the forms and shapes that I add to enhance their beauty – is like an alchemist at work. The final aim is to provoke the powers within each one of us – the magical power from within yourself when you choose the jewellery that you want to carry next to your skin. Philosophically speaking it is not the formula to "make gold" but to see the "gold" within your personal self – then my jewellery can become your talisman! The jewellery carry the essence of your own personal spiritual power "materialized". Both men and women are fascinated by jewellery and it's extremely interesting to be part of the process when they choose jewellery. But sometimes I think that it's my jewellery choosing it's owner…that's when it becomes real magic..."

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  Some of Eva's jewellery and objets d’art...

"Barbarian Heart"
"Pearl Diver"
"Sea Treasure"
"Wedding of a
Pearl Princess"